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It all starts with a canvas

My skin care journey has been a long and trying one. Over the years, I’ve “experimented” with a number of different types of products, ranging from your everyday supermarket brands to some very expensive medical brands (and some dodgy stuff in between). I have what has been classified as a combination skin type. My T-zone gets very oily, while my cheeks can get very dry. My forehead, area around the nose, my chin and my jawline all get hyper-pigmentation, which is not great. So I had to struggle to find the right combination of products to address both my oily T-zone and the hyper-pigmentation. It is always a great day in Shazz Land when my face has an even tone, so I have to control melanin production in those areas where I tend to get hyper-pigmented.

At this point I’d like to point out that every single product I will be mentioning (in every post) is a product that I do use, or have used in the past. I buy every single thing, and if I’m requested to write about something, I will let you know and I will be honest about the experience. So let’s get to it…

For now, I think I have the perfect solution to the problem. I currently use products by Derma Fix. They have been heaven sent, and for now serve their purpose wonderfully. In future, there might be better products coming out and I might migrate to those, but for now, these ones are just perfect.

Morning routine:

In the morning I use a cleanser, usually Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine daily wash, to wash my face. I’ve chosen not to use the Derma Fix cleanser because I didn’t like the feel of it and it left my skin pretty taut after each wash. Unlike most people, I choose not to tone my skin. I find that most toners close the pores, which leads me to think that whatever serum or cream I follow up with won’t get maximum absorption. This is just MY opinion, on MY skin, I’m NOT a dermatologist.

Once clean, I follow up with the ACC Vitamin C Serum which helps with reducing fine lines, firming the skin and minimising melanin production. I follow this up with MelanoDerm, which also controls melanin production, to ensure an even tone. I should caution though that these products will NOT MAKE YOU LIGHTER!!! They will however even out your tone. So it’s all about EVEN TONE, not lighter skin… Lastly, I wear sunscreen. I swear by sunscreen and I love the DermaFix sunscreen because it is not at all greasy and goes on matte. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Very important. I never go without it, ever!

DermaFix Day

My morning routine products (excl. facewash).

The evening is very similar. I cleanse, use the DermaFix Tranexamic Gel (to control melanin production) and DermaBright for photo ageing and skin resurfacing (not everyday, but every 3rd night) and finish off again with MelanoDerm.

DermaFix Night
My night time routine products.

I’ll do another post to discuss facials, face peels and all that jazz…I hope you’ll pop by for the next post when I discuss haircare… From me, Shazz, sending you love and light…

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