Healthy Hair Journey…

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic this week. I love healthy hair.The look of it, the feel of it and the versatility of it. Whether you have straight, curly, short, long or any hair in between, healthy is healthy. Chemically treated or natural, healthy is healthy!

My hair is usually plaited in one way or another. I’ve recently decided I’m NEVER getting a weave again. The strain on my hair and my hair line is not worth it in the least. And the fact that for 2 – 3 weeks it’s hard to get to my hair and scalp to treat it properly, pains me. SO from now on I’m either wearing my natural crown, rocking a killer wig or being lovely in braids. SO let’s get down to it…

Daily routine:

I sleep in “bantu” knots (for the record, I hate the name…) and take them out in the morning. I can honestly say that my biggest friend is leave-in conditioner. At the moment, I’m content using the Dr. Miracle leave in conditioner when knotting my hair, and finish off with the ORS Argan Oil to seal my ends.

Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner.

In the morning, after taking out the knots, I use the Argan oil again for added moisture and shine. I also use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp twice a week, to keep it conditioned and healthy. This oil is very thick, and you’ll have to really work it in to avoid a “layer of oil” feel.

Black Castor Oil

I wash my hair weekly with the D&L shampoo and ORS conditioner and then follow the process of knotting my hair. On days when I need to style my hair straight I just wash, condition and treat my hair (I use a mixture of egg yolks, avocado, olive oil, and ORS hair mayonnaise), then use a D&L Amla Legend heat protecting spray before blow drying or heat styling it.To keep my hair moisturised, I use the Amla oil moisturiser or Dr. Miracle’s soft hold creme depending on the hair style at that time.

Shampoo and Conditioner      D&L Heat Protect     DrM and D&L Moisturisers

Currently, my hair is texturised (using a relaxer for a minimum time, to achieve softness without completely straightening). I’m seriously contemplating cutting my hair (new hairdresser, fried my hair, long story) and starting over. At the moment, I’m waiting for my regrowth to be at least 3cm thick before I make the decision, then I start all over again but keeping the same routine.

I hope you enjoyed this post… I will go into more details in future post. See you next time… Sending you love and light.

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