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My favourite finds – 01

Hello readers! I hope you’re all doing great this week.

This post is about my favourite finds of the week. Over the past few days I’ve been going through a list of things that I’m loving lately and some things that I’ve found while out and about. So let’s get to it.

First up is the beautiful scent that is Cartier La Panthere EDP. I’m so loving this scent right now. I can only explain it as fresh, sexy and fruity. It is perfect for almost any occasion. It’s a very memorable scent and being an EDP, it lasts beautifully. I think I’m a little obsessed with it at the moment.


I’m not a huge fan of what Americans call drug store make-up brands. I often find it hard to match the colours perfectly  for my skin tone and if/when I do, then I struggle to find one that actually lasts or isn’t oily. I’ve recently bought the Revlon ColorStay Foundation, after much persuasion from a friend who swears by it. I actually found the colour that works beautifully for me and it lasted quite well though the day. There was no oxidation and the matte finish lasted for over 8 hours. Granted this is in winter but I’m still impressed. And they now have two variations: one for dry skin and another for oily/combination skin, which moves away from their one-size-fits-all approach. I’m really liking this.

Revlon CourStay

Dischem is currently running a special, where you can get R60 off the normal price.

Let’s take a moment to give some attention to the hands. My hands tend to get very dry and it takes a lot of cream to keep them hydrated and looking halfway decent. I also find that going for a manicure doesn’t help much and I’m not a fan of the hot wax treatment. An aesthetician suggested I try the Filorga Hand-Filler Gloves and I’m actually liking them. These are gloves I wear at night over clean dry hands and keep them on for 30 minutes. I can’t explain the science behind them, but what I can tell you is that my hand can now retain moisture a lot longer that before and they are starting to look decent and well moisturised. If we are going to be talking about a beautiful, healthy looking body, then that should surely includes hands…

Filorga Gloves

Then there’s this great and yummy find. The  Pro-age Oil by ice-cream for hair. This oil, which contains Argan, Jojoba and Sunflower Oils, has UV Filters which help to keep hair shiny and soft through the sunniest of days. I use this on my natural hair and on my hair extensions to maintain condition, curl and shine. The cherry on top is the amazing smell. It has a very refreshing vanilla smell that I absolutely love and you get a whiff of it every time your hair moves. This is perfect for a day at the beach or even out on a picnic. I have to caution though not to use too much of it as it can quickly get very greasy and heavy on the hair. A little goes a long way. I spray it on my hands and then run my fingers through the hair, to ensure a light and even distribution of the product.

Ice Cream Argan Oil

These are just a few of my favourite finds for the week. I’ll be back with lots more as the weeks go. I hope you enjoy those that you try and please give me feedback on your experiences with them. That’s it from me, Shazz. Wishing you love and light.

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