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Spring has sprung!

Spring has finally sprung! Well, for us in this part of the world anyway. I love spring and everything about it. I love the prospect of new beginnings, flowers blooming, sales at most malls… This post is all about the beginning of spring.

The smell of spring: My favourite spring smell is unquestionably Flower EDP by Kenzo. I’ve been hooked on this smell since my wedding day years ago. It smells flowery fresh and it’s just a happy smell. The memories it brings are all happy and beautiful and bright. I believe that everyone should have a happy smell, that smell that just changes your mood, making any dark day bright and regardless of what happened before you put it on, it manages to make you smile. Flower is that smell for me.Kenzo Flower

The signs of spring: And on the topic of flowers, the St. Joseph’s Lily is such a beautiful and elegant flower. My absolute favourite. It smells heavenly and looks amazing. I try to always have a bunch in my house. And then there’s the White Orchid, which is also simple in its exquisiteness.


The look of spring: Another topic that brings me happiness… SHOES. I love shoes so much, it’s not good for my wallet. The two I’m loving right now are these babies right here:

Blue heels

When I put these heels on, I immediately feel like a million bucks. The colour is elegant and vibrant while the design can elevate any outfit to new heights. The long straps add a bit of fun to the shoe, which I love.

White flats

The flats just scream: “I’m sexy and I know it”. Amazing what a pair of shoes can do for your confidence. Casual looking, yet very classy. Pair these with a pair of classic blue denim shorts and a crisp white shirt, and you have a definite winner. Picnic, anyone?

The taste of spring: Lastly, the Woolworths Smoothie in Kiwi, Apple and Mint. Yummmmm…. Although I like most of the flavours, this is my favourite of them all. I have one in the morning if I’m on the go and can’t do a full breakfast. It keeps me going till I can get a proper meal. It has to be chilled and for me, it’s the perfect snack for this warm weather.

Woolies Smoothie

What are some of your spring favourites? Please leave your comments below. This is Shazz, wishing you love and light till then next post.


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