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A little self-improvement… a little.

Hello world,

Now let’s be honest: we all see things on ourselves that we feel should and could be improved. Fine lines around the eyes, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, unruly hair, bushy/sparse eyebrows, cellulite, etc. One day even I will learn to love my every crease and every scar, but for now let’s call me shallow.  I’ve tried my fair share of treatments but there are also so many that I refuse to touch. In this post, I will chat a bit about the treatments I’ve tried and my thoughts on them. As a disclaimer to this post, please keep in mind that this is purely for information and completely based on my experience.

First up, the best decision I ever made: MICROBLADING. This is a procedure where fine strokes are “drawn” among your eyebrows to mimic actual eyebrows. This is a permanent procedure (similar to tattooing) but you’d need a refresher every 2 years, though I think I’ll do it every year. This procedure is different to the traditional permanent filling in of brows, because they use fine strokes instead of a solid colouring in of the brow area. Pros: the shape of my brows is always on point, I can swim and my eyebrows will still look perfect, I can finally wash my face and go (I really woke up like this). Cons: It HURTS to have it done. True story! Caution: Find a good, reputable practitioner. This is permanent and on your face, so you don’t want any oopsies. Look for someone whose work you can see live (not pictures, etc) and better still, a friend who will give you the real deal.

  • *image taken off

Facial peel. I love a good skin peel. It leaves my skin silky soft, blemish free and feeling radiant. I’ve also tried a peel or two and had some terrible experiences too. I recall my skin flaking for over a week because the “beauty therapist” used a peel that was too strong for me. That was a terrible experience. My current favourite is the MangoBrite Resurfacer available at ( This face peel leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth. The results are obviously not long lasting but for the two weeks after the peel, I feel like a million bucks. I assume that using the corresponding products daily would prolong the results, but I’m too loyal to my DermaFix products.


*image take off www

I’ve written a time or two about my weight issues since the birth of my son. And for me, with the weight came a bucket load of cellulite. I’ve tried creams, procedures, home remedies and diets but I’ve had limited success, honestly. I read a lot about Endermologie and decided to try it. I visited the first clinic and it was okay. I went twice a week for the treatment and no results. So after 16 treatments I gave up. Later on I visited another clinic, not related to Endermologie and noticed that they offer it and got to chatting with the therapist and complained about the lack of results. They invited me to a free course of 8 sessions and after the course I had lost centimetres and the cellulite was visibly reduced. The moral of the story: go to a reputable clinic (not the cheapest) and commit to the process. Now I love the procedure and I can actually see results. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!! Oh, the results are slow and require you to follow a diet and get a bit of excise as well. It’s not a magic wand.

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Lastly, who doesn’t love a good spa treatment? My favourite is a Full Body Scrub. Soulstice Day Spa is my spa of choice at the moment and the full body sugar scrub leaves my skin impossibly soft and glowing. The spa itself is stunning and relaxing and the ladies are (mostly) amazing. I use a sugar scrub at home 3 times a week, but to have someone else do it for me once a month is absolute bliss. I can’t always get to my back and my husband runs for the hills when I touch the scrub tub, so having a full body scrub it a treat of note! It is a necessity that every single one of us has to have.

bodyshopscrub*In between spa visits, I use this Body Shop Argan Oil  Body Scrub. 

I think I’ll make an appointment for a spa treatment… Shazz, wishing you love and light.

4 thoughts on “A little self-improvement… a little.

  1. I have one patch that needs some fake hair. I really wanted to do microblading but cost wise I’m not sure if it’s such a necessity for me. For now when my brows look great…I just try not to wash them at night. Lmao. I wash around them and the next morning…voila…oh wow…brows are on fleet 😉

    Also love the body shop scrubs!


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