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Buy a better body butter

Let’s talk about butter. Body butter.

I love taking care of my skin. From the tips on my toes to the top of my head. I cleanse daily, exfoliate twice weekly and moisturise thoroughly. Nothing looks quite as stunning as a smooth, golden, glowing skin. I use different moisturising products according to the needs at the time. For example: oils work wonders for me in winter, body butters after exfoliating or lotions when it’s really hot. Today I’m talking body butters I’ve recently tried.

I was gifted with this Africology Body Butter and here are my thoughts on it:  This butter is very thick and can be very difficult to apply. It has a very pleasant smell, but it’s a tad overpowering. The entire room literally smells of the stuff when you use it and it cane be a bit much for the sensitive nose. The packaging says nothing about citrus, but to me the smell is very, very strongly citrus. It’s really very nice and fresh, but a bit much for me.


Next is the Body Shop Argan Oil body butter. This is a stunning body butter and I wouldn’t expect anything less coming from the people that have been making body butters for as long as I’ve known the term. It goes on very easily and has a beautiful but subtle smell. I currently have a small tub which was part of a gift pack, but I will definitely be getting myself a bigger tub. It is really awesome and when I need extra moisture I mix in a little bit of the Body Shop Argan Oil Spray. This will definitely be a staple in my beauty regimen.

Lastly is the Woolworths Vanilla and Brown Sugar Body Butter which apparently contains argan oil. This is another yummy butter. It goes on very easily and smells divine. I like to add a bit of oil to it just for added moisture and longevity, but it’s not really necessary.It is not my favourite but it does the job and again, for me it lacks longevity and hence the need to mix in some oil. I use the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil to mix into the body butter even though the oil is supposed to be for the face.

So that’s that from me for this week. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like and/or comment. Shazz, wishing you love and light…

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