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Hair Product Finds

Hello loves,


I know I’ve been gone for a minute. I’ve been so busy with exams, assignments, kids, holiday prep… the list goes on, and on, and on.

This post is all about hair. I want to share with you my latest find for taking care of, styling and maintaining my hair. So let’s get to it:

First up is this hair mask by Inebrya called the Ice Cream KroMask in Violet. I recently coloured my hair purple (nothing crazy, just a deep purple which comes through mostly in direct sunlight). Basically after washing my hair, I apply this mask and leave it on for a while then wash it off with plain water. It helps keep the colour longer, adds moisture and it brings back major shine to the hair…. Girl!!!!! I’m so sold on this stuff. It’s pricey (can’t remember how much it was, as a coping mechanism) but so very worth it.


Next is this Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Color Express Repair Conditioner (R99 from Clicks). This spray seals the hair to keep the bright and beautiful colour for longer plus, it smells good. I use this between washes, to maintain the condition of my hair. I don’t shampoo everyday (I do it twice a week) so every other day, I spray this on my hair. The downside of this is that it does create quite a bit of build-up on the hair. After about two uses, my hair feels heavy and weighed down. On the up-side, it is a reminder to wash your hair. All in all, I really like it.


As some of you may know by now, I am a huge fan of coconut and argan oil. They are excellent for scalp, skin and hair. I was pleasantly surprised to find an alternative to add to my list. The Inebrya Ice Cream Energy Lotion is amazing. I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks now, and I like it a lot. It keeps my scalp moisturised and claims to curb hair loss. I sometimes have a bit of trouble with itchy scalp and I feel like this is helping quite a bit.It might be my imagination, but I really think this is helping. I have visions of my hair getting thicker and healthier, but that part hasn’t been tested yet. I will let you know as we go along. I like that it is not as heavy as the coconut oil and is not at all greasy. It basically fells like water with a pleasant scent and so far, I really like it. Again, not cheap but worth it in my opinion.


Lastly is the Fudge Urban Fixing Glue. This hair gel is not a joke. It holds the hair like the name says: GLUE. It’s definitely hard core but it washes out easy peasy with only water. Why do I need hair gel, you ask? Well, I have these unruly hairs around the edges of my hairline (also called edges…just btw) and I need to keep them under strict control, especially when I have my hair up. I normally use edge control gels, but I decided to give this a go. Okay, it was a major fail, but I have trust in this stuff. The huge problem with it is that it flakes. I had a very embarrassing situation after using it, with everyone looking at my head and not my face. When I got into my car, I found it had caked, turned white as dandruff and was flaking. The horror of it all. The shame!!!!!! Having said that, I don’t want to write this off. Maybe I can coat it with a little bit of the Energising Lotion to counter the dryness and flaking. I don’t know, but I’ll let you know. I love this though, for some strange reason. It cost roughly R120 from Clicks.


So that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think. This is Shazz, sending you love and light…

2 thoughts on “Hair Product Finds

  1. I’m looking for a product that can treat flyaways (glue sort of properties), but needs to act as a treatment. Gel and conditioner dries out my hair and ends up making it brittle. Know of anything I can try?

    PS It’s been quiet here missy!


    1. It’s been so hectic with the exams. 😩 I have two posts waiting.

      With regards to fly-always, there is a gel I know of. I’ll look up the name and brand. It controls and nourishes at the same time. I’ll get back to you with that one…

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