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My first 2017 Wish List

Happy 2017!!!!!!

I hope you all plan to kick the year off with a bang. I don’t do resolutions, I just do what I think will work best for me for the year, but to all of you out there with resolutions, all the best and don’t mess them up…

My first post for 2017 is a type of a wish list. These products are products I haven’t tried, but I’m lusting after.  The 2016 festive season was far from awesome for me, so I’m hoping 2017 will bring great things my way. I spent a lot of time online, dreaming about everything I’d like to get myself. Below are a few “Would-love-to-try-items”.

First off is the Airbase Perfecting Primer (available at for R1,236). As I’ve said tons of times, I need a mattifying primer that doesn’t dry my skin out. This primer promises all sorts of wonderful things including moisturising and nourishing the skin, with the added benefit of anti-ageing agents. It claims to do all things needed from a primer: minimises the appearance of pores, mattifies the skin and leaves a flawless and glowing finish.


Also from is the GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment, which sells for R1,795. This product claims to be a deep hydrating treatment for the skin, which is awesome for my oily (T-zone) and dry skin. It claims to deliver maximum hydration leaving the skin moisturised, replenished and calmed (don’t ask…). I’m dying to try this out for sheer need of hydration without shine.


Next up is the Gold Bio Collagen Mask (available at for R195) which claims to deliver hydration leading to a younger, glowing skin. The fact that is boosts collagen production leading to improved elasticity means younger, healthier skin for longer. Hydration, hydration, hydration… that’s important for me. Plus it is easy to use: no mess no fuss. Just a mask you literally paste onto your face.


Lastly is the PCA Ideal Complex Revitalising Eye Gel (also from bestbeautybuys for R1,807). Usually during stressful times like exam times, holidays, start of the year/project,etc. I tend to have massive Louis Vuitton bags under my eyes. So far, nothing but time and cucumber slices help but this is not always ideal. Enter this products!!! It claims to firm the skin around the eyes to treat dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. It promises to strengthen, firm and lift the skin around the eye (including eyelids). I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Plus it comes in either gel (for a light texture and feel) or cream (for a more luxurious feel).



Once I’ve tried these, I will do reviews on them and let you know my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this post. This is Shazz, sending love and light…

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4 thoughts on “My first 2017 Wish List

  1. I believe GlamGlow is available on Red Square online now. Great wishlist, the primer sounds amazing, but eeeeek at the price tag!!


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