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Skin Republic Products

Hello world,


This post is all about Skin Republic products I like to use at home between treatments. I came across the products at Dischem and started out using the hand treatments (because I have an unnatural obsession with soft hands). The following list of products are what I use between professional treatments, when my skin needs a little TLC or when I just feel like an at-home-spa-day.

My favourite treatment from the range is the Brightening Eye Mask (R53 at Dischem). This is awesome when I need a quick fix for dark circles around the eye. It contains coffee bean to reduce puffiness and Vitamin C to brighten the area. It is an awesome product when the-morning-after-the-night-before has you looking like a racoon. It also hydrates the area, so I love to use it at least once a week to give my eye area a hydration boost. I give it a HUGE thumbs up.


Next up is the Collagen Infusion Mask (R40 at Dischem). This mask is all about anti-ageing and improving the skin’s elasticity. The packaging advises that you would need to use this twice a week to see results. I have to be honest; I’ve only used it a few times in the last few months (at most once a week) so I can’t attest to the claims of minimising fine lines and improving elasticity. I will need to try it out as directed to prove/disprove these but overall I love how my skin feels after the treatment and the mask smells and feels beautiful. Perfect for a DIY spa day.


As I’m typing this, I have the Bubble Purifying and charcoal mask (R50 at Dischem). This is only the second time I’m using this mask but it might become a regular in my beauty routine. The mask bubbles while one the face, which is seemingly part of the purification process. The last time I used this product, my skin was left feeling really clean (like after exfoliation) and radiant. This is not a mask you can put on and relax; the foaming is uncomfortable in a way but the results are worth it. I would suggest using this weekly if you don’t have problem skin and maybe more if you do.


As I’ve already mentioned, I have an obsession with soft hands and beautiful feet. The following products are just what the doctor ordered between salon treatments. The Hand Repair treatment is one of my favourites. The treatment comes in two gloves containing the serum and you just wear these for 20 minutes and allow the serum to do its magic. I like to do this at the same time as the Foot Repair treatment. This is basically the same thing, but for the feet. It also comes in two serum-lined booties that you just put on your feet and allow to sit for 20 minutes. These treatments leave my hands and feet soft, well moisturised and supple. They retail for approximately R50 each at Dischem.

As you can see, all these products are quite affordable and they make sense when putting together an at-home spa day. Skin republic has a range of other products available to try out and I might go through all of them. If I find other great products, I’ll be sure to tell you all about them.

That’s it from me for this week. Shazz, sending you love and light.

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